Jean Adams – Artist’s Journey: The Magic of Autumn Leaves

Featured Artist - 2024 May

Artist: Jean V. Adams

Artist’s Statement: The first time I painted as an adult, I was hooked. I was at the store one day and spontaneously purchased a small set of acrylic paints. When I got home, I collected a few fallen leaves to paint. Experimenting and mixing the primary red, yellow, and blue paints in an attempt to match the gorgeous colors of autumn leaves was challenging at first, but also downright magical. I was hooked. I have continued to paint and explore ever since.


Year: 2023 Location: Langlade County, Wisconsin Media: Acrylic on paper Painting size: 9.5 x 7 inch Framed size: 14.5 x 12.5 inch

Title: Prairie Susan

Description: My husband and I planted an acre of land in prairie flowers and grasses. It takes a few years for all the plants to mature. In the sea of green that came up that first year after planting, this black-eyed susan was one of the first to bloom, dominating the landscape.