Antigo Visual Arts Announces Contribution to St. John’s “Spring Fling” Event

Public Art Project

Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) is excited to announce the successful completion of a series of incredible canvas paintings for St. John’s “Spring Fling” event, held in early May.

“It was such a pleasure to work with all of these amazing artists,” said Karen Duff, Festival Coordinator. “Once we decided on the festival name and theme, we knew we wanted it to evoke the feel of a Wisconsin town, and the artists delivered exactly what we envisioned. St. John’s Spring Fling with a Taste of Wisconsin!”

Karen contacted AVA in February, hoping to engage artists for the project, and several talented members stepped forward to take it on. “This was a large project that required significant time and effort, and we are so appreciative of the talent within our group,” said Danna Gabriel, President of AVA. The artists from AVA who contributed to these canvases were Mary Hayes, Jean Adams, Madison Taylor, Olivia Kraucyk, and lead artist Julianna Bauknecht, with Julianna and Mary each painting two canvases, totaling seven canvases.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to St. John’s parish for collaborating with AVA on this wonderful project, and to all the contributors to AVA for their ongoing support and dedication.