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At Antigo Visual Arts, we believe in the transformative power of art. Our mission is to create a nurturing space where every individual can explore, experience, and appreciate the vast world of visual arts. Through this journey, we aim to unlock the potential within each member of our community, fostering personal growth and collective well-being.

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Summer Hummer Art Show 2024

Entry Due: July 13

Get ready for our “Summer Hummer” Art Show.  If you want to be involved, download your form with the button above. You should drop it with your payment off by Saturday, July 13 at the LCHS museum.

Otherwise, mail your form and payment to :

AVA Summer Hummer Show

PO Box 312

Antigo, WI 54409

SHOW FEES: AVA members in good standing. . . $5 per entry up to six (6) entries. Artists who are not members of AVA . . . $20 each for the first piece submitted, and $5 each for additional entries, up to a total of six (6) entries. Please include your entry fee with the submission of this form. AVA receives a 25% commission fee on all sales, so price your entries accordingly.

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Featured Artist

Jean Adams – Artist’s Journey: The Magic of Autumn Leaves

Artist: Jean V. Adams Artist's Statement: The first time I painted as an adult, I was hooked. I was at the store one day and spontaneously purchased a small set of acrylic paints. When I got home, I collected a few fallen leaves to paint. Experimenting and mixing the primary red, yellow, and blue paints in an attempt to match the gorgeous colors of autumn leaves was challenging at first, but also downright magical. I was hooked. I have continued to paint and explore ever since.   Title: Prairie Susan Description: My husband and I planted an acre of land…

Latest Public
Art Project

Schroeder’s Mural Completion

In June 2024, the Antigo High School (AHS) Art Club, in collaboration with Antigo Visual Arts (AVA), proudly completed the Schroeder’s Gift mural on the north wall of the gift barn. This artistic endeavor was a testament to community collaboration and creativity.  Olivia Kraucyk, advisor to the AHS Art Club and a board member of AVA, expressed her enthusiasm: “I hope anyone passing through Antigo, whether local or visitor, will feel a sense of joy and community when they see the mural. It truly embodies the spirit of our town.” The mural project was initiated by Schroeder’s Gifts, who sought…

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