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At Antigo Visual Arts, we believe in the transformative power of art. Our mission is to create a nurturing space where every individual can explore, experience, and appreciate the vast world of visual arts. Through this journey, we aim to unlock the potential within each member of our community, fostering personal growth and collective well-being.

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Summer Hummer Art Show 2024

Entry Due: July 13

Get ready for our “Summer Hummer” Art Show.  If you want to be involved, download your form with the button above. You should drop it with your payment off by Saturday, July 13 at the LCHS museum.

Otherwise, mail your form and payment to :

AVA Summer Hummer Show

PO Box 312

Antigo, WI 54409

See Full Show Details

Featured Artist

Hans Schmidt

Biography: My interest in the visual arts began at a young age. My grandfather was a professional painter and gold guilder, my father was an art teacher, my mother was a professional portrait artist and all had considerable influence over my artistic development. Throughout my young life I worked mainly as a painter but began my photographic journey while in high school. Following high school, I enlisted in the Army and received my formal photographic training at the Armed Forces Photography School. I spent the next 6 years as an Army photographer in a variety of locations and missions. After the…

Farm workers working in the field

Latest Public
Art Project

Bottle Cap Garland – Antigo Public Library

AVA's Student Services Director Danna Gabriel calls it, "Another fabulous suggestion from Dominic Frandrup." The bottle cap project originated when Antigo Visual Arts partnered with the library to raise awareness of waste. The project also encourages community involvement in the arts. Close to the garland, just inside the Clermont Street entrance to the library, there is a receptacle for community members to donate clean plastic bottle caps for AVA's bottle cap projects. Artists continue to create art projects with the caps. You can also see towers of caps hanging on the light poles downtown in the 800 & 900 blocks…

3 people show off their garland they made with bottle caps

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