Tyler Reynolds

Tyler Reynolds, also known as Hybr!d Art, is a versatile artist who has been captivated by the world of art and has been experimenting with various digital and analogue techniques since his childhood. His artistic journey has led him to explore a wide range of mediums and styles, from graphic arts to traditional painting to upcycle collage art he dubs as “hyper collage”, as well as spray painted upcycled tape cassette and 8 track pop art.

One of Hybr!d Art’s notable achievements is his mastery of hand-made hyper collage portraits. These breathtaking artworks have garnered him a global following and have been sought after by art enthusiasts worldwide. His unique approach to collage, incorporating a variety of materials and textures, results in intricately detailed and visually stunning pieces.

Interestingly, Hybr!d Art has a familial connection to the renowned 17th-century royal painter, Sir Joshua Reynolds. Sir Joshua Reynolds was celebrated for his classical-style portrait artistry and played a significant role in the establishment of the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom, where he served as its first president. This connection adds a touch of historical significance to Hybrid Art’s artistic lineage.

Hybr!d Art’s talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. He has successfully sold numerous artworks across more than 30 states in North America, and his creations have found homes in collections abroad in Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Holland, and other parts of the world. In 2019, his exceptional work was even featured in an Italian-based art magazine “Skape Creative”, further solidifying his reputation as an accomplished artist.

With his innovative techniques and boundless creativity, Hybr!d Art continues to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. His ability to blend different mediums and styles seamlessly sets him apart in the contemporary art scene, and his unique vision captivates audiences around the globe.

Tyler Reynolds’s Artwork

James Dean

“James Dean” 2017 •36x36• Magazines, scrap paper, rubber cement.

Pieces of m3

“Pieces of m3” 2022 • 48x48 • magazines, scrap paper, rubber cement.