Mackenzie Teal

“When I was young, I used to watch my mom make the most beautiful wood-burnings. I just loved her work so much. One day she bought me a huge art set, and I’ve never set it down since. Recently, I’ve been using acrylics and taught myself how to work with oil paint, which I believe is my new favorite. I’m always open to exploring another medium or method.”

Mackenzie also created a mural inside the Hope House with Mary Hayes for Antigo Visual Arts. Additionally, she painted windows for a local business, Chocadoodledoo!, as part of an AVA project.

Mackenzie Teal’s Artwork

Bear Season

"Bear Season" is crafted from rough-sawn pine. I sketched the initial idea and decided to use wood burning since it was for my mom. We came up with the drawing together. My mom is an avid hunter, which inspired the concept.

Bear Under the Northern Lights

This painting of a bear under the northern lights is created with acrylic paint. I made it for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, where it was auctioned. I aimed to showcase a beautiful background with multiple focal points, including the bears. It's one of my favorite paintings because it reminds me of my mom, who always drew animals. It makes me really happy knowing I got the idea from her.