Hans Schmidt

Featured Artist - 2024 April

Farm workers working in the field

Biography: My interest in the visual arts began at a young age. My grandfather was a professional painter and gold guilder, my father was an art teacher, my mother was a professional portrait artist and all had considerable influence over my artistic development. Throughout my young life I worked mainly as a painter but began my photographic journey while in high school. Following high school, I enlisted in the Army and received my formal photographic training at the Armed Forces Photography School.

I spent the next 6 years as an Army photographer in a variety of locations and missions. After the Army, I attended college studying Forestry. In addition to forestry and natural resources, I studied art, mostly photography, painting, and drawing, to fulfill my graduation requirements. Subsequently, I have continued to explore the photographic medium as a means of artistic expression.

As a painter, I can imagine and compose freely, but as a photographer, I am confined to the realities of the physical world. Coming from a painter’s background, I pay particular attention to light ratios and color to create effective compositions. Presently, I reside in Birnamwood with my wife, Julie, and our two dogs while working as a consulting Forester.