AVA Art Center Open House

General News

Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) hosted an open house at their new AVA Art Center on February 3rd, drawing over 60 community members to the 700-square foot nonprofit space located inside the Aspen Village Complex Community Center that overlooks Remington Lake.


“Everyone was excited about the possibilities that the space holds,” said Laurie McConnell, AVA Art Center Committee Member. “From classes to presentations, crafting, and meetings, it has wide-open potential.”


The lease for the AVA Art Center was signed on September 26, 2023, by AVA President Joe Hermolin. Despite Joe’s passing, the AVA board and AVA Art Center Committee remain dedicated to bringing this space to life. AVA received the key at the end of December 2023 and has since been actively fundraising, purchasing furniture and supplies, and meticulously planning to launch the center. “In memory of such a great man who was a source of wisdom for our nonprofit, we are committed to making this space all it can be,” stated Danna Gabriel, AVA’s current President.


The goal for this space is to invite everyone in the community to come together to make art, collaborate, and enjoy the arts as an important part of our community. This helps us all feel more connected and allows for lots of new ideas and creativity. AVA is planning their grand opening event for their AVA Art Center on Saturday, June 22, 2024. 


AVA extends its gratitude to its members for their support throughout this journey, and would also like to express appreciation to the local businesses that have supported them during this transition: Johnson Electric Coil, Elks Club of Antigo, Tree Solutions, Kretz Lumber, Dairy Queen, Bolen Realty, Strasser-Roller Funeral Home, Quinlan’s Equipment, Volm Companies, Bradley Funeral Home, Winter Law Office, Parsons of Antigo, Fleet Farm, Antigo Arborists, and Great Northern Campground.