Creative Phoenix

Hello, I’m Madison, known as Phoenix in the art world.Art has been my constant companion through life’s ups and downs. From my earliest days painting ceramics to exploring various mediums in high school, creativity has been my sanctuary.

While I didn’t complete an art degree, my journey has been rich with learning and gaining certificates, particularly in the realm of painting. Today, I’m living my dream of running an art-based business, while caring for my children.

My artistic endeavors are diverse—I primarily work with acrylics on canvas or murals of all sizes, but I also enjoy sculpting jewelry and small figures with polymer clay. You’ll often find me experimenting with painting on unconventional surfaces like wood, rocks, denim, and saws. When I’m feeling stuck creatively, I turn to crafting or find solace in my garden and farm.

Bright colors and unique palettes inspire me, serving as a source of joy and positivity in a sometimes challenging world. Whether I’m painting animals, magical worlds, portraits or diving into fan art, my goal is to create pieces that evoke emotion and offer a moment of respite.

Through my art, I seek to share stories, spark conversations, and spread a bit of light in the world.

Creative Phoenix’s Artwork

The Mushroom King

The Mushroom King is a 4 x 4 foot painting on MDF board hung with a French cleat, 19 hours to paint, and inspired by a dream of exploration and magic.