Plastic Bottle Cap Prom Dress

Public Art Project

Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) collaboration with the Antigo High School Art Club created quite a piece of art, Ruben (pictured in dress) offered to wear to 2023 Antigo Prom. Made from plastic bottle caps and beads sewn on and glued to secure, the dress got a lot of attention. Thank you Ruben and date, who had to deal transportation, as the dress did not allow sitting! Design flaw!

Special Thanks to:
Vicki Eldridge
Ruben Fyan
Danna Gabriel
Olivia Lemke
Carol Philipps
Allison Zalewski
Antigo Visual Arts created the plastic bottle cap project to raise awareness of plastic waste and collaborate with our local community, who saves their clean caps and places in receptacles located in the Antigo Public Library, Lakeside Pharmacy, and Antigo Senior Center.