Plastic Bottle Cap Art – City Gas Company window

Public Art Project

Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) Public Art Committee is proud to announce a new piece of plastic cap art on display in downtown Antigo at City Gas Company. The artwork is a beautiful monarch butterfly created by artist Beatie Gmeiner from recycled plastic materials.

“We enjoy having the plastic cap art in our window for all to see,” said Juliana Rice from City Gas Company. “It draws interest and creates conversations with our customers. We are not just talking about the weather; we are talking about art. It also attracts the attention of observers walking along the street in our downtown.”

The plastic cap project began in 2019, inspired by Greg Koeppel’s recycled art garden. Initially started at Antigo Public Library (APL), the project has expanded to various locations, including the Spring Brook Trail, the Boys and Girls Club, downtown light poles on 5th Avenue during the summer months, and behind Bradley Funeral Home with “The Resting Flag.” Other locations include the Humane Society and Antigo Middle School. Some artists have traveling pieces, such as Vicki Eldridge’s “Ethyl” the eagle, currently on display at City Hall, and now the monarch at City Gas Company. Sharon Gibson’s artwork featuring the Humane Society logo is proudly displayed at the Humane Society office. The plastic cap project aims to raise awareness about waste, inspire
positive change, and foster a deeper connection to our environment.

Community members are encouraged to contribute to this ongoing project by placing their donated clean plastic bottle caps in labeled receptacles located at the Antigo Public Library, Lakeside Pharmacy, and the Senior Center. Special thanks to APL, Lakeside Pharmacy, Senior Center, City of Antigo, Bradley Funeral Home, City Gas Company, Remington Foundation, Johnson Electric Coil Co., and CoVantage Credit Union for their support.