“Ethyl” has landed

Public Art Project

Antigo Visual Arts (AVA) Recycled Art Committee is proud to announce “Ethyl” has landed again at City Hall in Antigo. Ethyl has been displayed at different businesses throughout downtown Antigo for over a year.

“Through the years, we have seen many great public art efforts coming from the Antigo Visual Arts group ranging from downtown mural projects to various recycled bottle cap inspirations.” said Mark Desotell, Director of Administrative Services for the City of Antigo. “Vicki Eldridge sending City Hall her ‘Ethyl’ the eagle art piece for safe-keeping this winter is a welcomed addition. Look for Ethyl to be perched high above our entrance keeping an ever watchful eye on those visiting City Hall.”

“At a time and place when everything is disposable and worthless, we need an Ethyl to remind us that everything can be reborn into majestic beauty and something to be in awe of.” said Vicki Eldridge, Artist of Ethyl and AVA Recycled Art Committee member, “Ethyl is made of recycled poly’ethyl’ene plastic bottle caps of all kinds, gathered by strangers and friends alike.”

The AVA Recycled Art Committee consists of a group of artists who enjoy working with recycled materials. The group is a branch committee created under AVA. Members include Danna Gabriel, Eric DeHart, Vicki and Joel Eldridge, Sharon Gibson, Carol Philipps, Rocky and Laura Spencer, and Will Wissbroecker.

There are labeled receptacles for community members to place their donated clean plastic bottle caps located at the Antigo Public Library, Lakeside Pharmacy, and the Senior Center. Special thanks to the Remington Foundation and CoVantage Credit Union.