Bottle Cap Garland – Antigo Public Library

Public Art Project

3 people show off their garland they made with bottle caps
Dominic Frandrup (left), Director of the Antigo Public Library, Will Wissbroecker (center), and his mother, Carol Philips, stand beneath the plastic cap garland Wisbocker and his mother created for the library.

AVA’s Student Services Director Danna Gabriel calls it, “Another fabulous suggestion from Dominic Frandrup.”

The bottle cap project originated when Antigo Visual Arts partnered with the library to raise awareness of waste. The project also encourages community involvement in the arts.

a class of children showing off their bottle cap artwork
3rd grade Antigo Elementary Students

Close to the garland, just inside the Clermont Street entrance to the library, there is a receptacle for community members to donate clean plastic bottle caps for AVA’s bottle cap projects. Artists continue to create art projects with the caps. You can also see towers of caps hanging on the light poles downtown in the 800 & 900 blocks of 5th Avenue.

Through the cooperation and partnership of AVA, the library, Antigo Parks and Recreation Department, the Antigo Street Department, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northwoods, this project has been successful, not only for the artists, but the children in the community.