Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson is a visual artist who has been creating art her entire life. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Linda moved to Wisconsin to ride horses and drive sled dogs in the pet-friendly Langlade County. Her artistic journey includes designing and painting murals in high school, along with pencil and mixed media drawings, paintings, photography, and digital art. She has undertaken commissioned racehorse drawings, dog show photography, advertising photography, and has competed in art shows featuring her drawings, photography, and digital art.

Linda attended the Art Institute of Chicago, and her diverse experiences include being a world traveler, show dog breeder/trainer, sled dog breeder/trainer, show chicken breeder, and horse trainer. Her love for racehorses was instilled by her father and two uncles, who were jockeys.

One of Linda’s most notable works is the Thrivent Langlade County Horse Racing Mural, a massive piece spanning 640 square feet, painted on twenty 4 ft x 8 ft MDO boards. This mural, prominently displayed in Downtown Antigo, showcases Linda’s exceptional talent and dedication to capturing the rich history and vibrant spirit of the community.

Linda designed and painted the majority of the horse racing mural herself, with some assistance from members of Antigo Visual Arts (AVA). Her ability to translate historical events and local culture into compelling visual narratives has made her a beloved figure in the local art scene. The mural stands as a testament to her skill, creativity, and the collaborative spirit she fosters within the artistic community.

In addition to her mural work, Linda is actively involved in various art projects and initiatives within AVA, contributing her expertise and passion to help enrich the cultural landscape of Antigo. Her dedication to the arts and her community continues to inspire and engage audiences, making her an invaluable member of the Antigo Visual Arts community.

Linda Robinson’s Artwork

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